Used with your bait or lure its state-of-the-art engineering will aid you to catch fish at a whole new level!

The-ELLE is a revolutionary patented product for catching fish. A fish lure designed to be used with your favorite bait or lure. Whether you like to jig, troll, beach cast use live bait, fake worms or anything in between. The-ELLE is designed to help aid in bringing them close to your hook. It produces a specific sound, vibration and electrical impulses that just draw them right to your line or net.

The-ELLE was made to simulate a hurt and dying fish which is the dinner bell for all types of marine life, especially those predator fish like sharks, barracuda, swordfish, pike, and so many other trophy marine and fresh water animals.

There are several models of the-ELLE to choose from. They range in size and power for your type of fishing. So whether you like to fish fresh water and are looking for a compact light weight unit or a larger high output type for beach cast and deep sea, we have the model that will help you catch that fish everyone will envy.

Just...  Cast It and Catch 'Em!!!

An Electronic Lure for serious fishing...

Assembled in USA
Patented 2008